Sunday, April 21, 2013

{7 Things to Know}

This week’s edition of 7 Things to Know...

  1. I survived tax day. The end.
  2. Jen, Jess, and I are singing with my mom at Spooner Baptist's Ladies Luncheon on Saturday, April 28th.
  3. This past Thursday brought another April snow. I was grateful to get to leave work early and get a jump start on a long weekend. This snow was worse than the previous week. Everyone here is ready for winter to end.
  4. I enjoyed a day off on Friday! Still shoveled my car off, but didn't have to go anywhere too early. Morgen and Ethan came over for lunch and we watched most of "Lady and the Tramp".  
  5. As you know, I'm participating in the Metro Women's Center's 4th Annual Amazing Grace Home Walk on Saturday, May 4th. This is my 4th year to participate. Will you join me in supporting this great cause by donating $5, $10, $25, or even $100? Click the DONATE button to the left. T H A N K  Y O U ! If you want to follow my fundraising efforts go to
  6. The big news of the week was the locating and killing/capturing of the two responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing. Since I was home on Friday I spent a good bit of time watching the news reporters speculate on the police activity of the day. It was interesting to see the events unfold before my eyes. I'm thankful that they were able to get the bad guys. Tough to hear about all the victims. Prayers continue for those families effected by this tragic event.
  7. Yesterday I started and finished reading Karen Kingsbury's "The Chance". I wrote a mini-review at Good Reads.

Read and Returned! "The Chance" by Karen Kingsbury

Friday morning workout - snow shoveling.

All cleaned off! Now melt snow, melt!


Make it a great week!

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