Friday, April 12, 2013

{7 Things to Know}

This week’s edition of 7 Things to Know...

  1. Enchiladas! Oh, these were tasty! ...and I just happen to have everything in my cupboard when I made them last week. After reviewing several recipes I thought this was what best fit the ingredients I had on hand. Since I didn't want it too spicy, I added one ingredient: 1 can of cream of celery soup.
  2. One of my favorite things about a Friday night is turning of my alarm for a sleep in Saturday. Ahh...zzzzzzzzzzz
  3. I know of one person who seriously plays the ukulele.  (Shout out to April on Guam: Hey!)Watch this - you may never look at a ukulele the same way again. 
  4. Don't miss it! Last week I blogged about on my job. Raise your hand if 5 times in one post is too many times to use the word crazy! :)
  5. This week was just as busy as last week, and I'm already dreading next week. Tax day on Monday means that I'll be processing of many checks for clients trying to get in last minute 2012 IRA or Roth IRA contributions. Hopefully these checks will be for already-opened-accounts. Opening new accounts would add more work :/ Speaking of new accounts...I've been opening a lot of investment accounts lately, and not just to accommodate 2012 contribution checks, but for transfers for new clients or clients who had accounts at other firms. I think this week I opened 10 accounts, and I have several sets of paperwork ready for clients who are coming in for a meeting or I have mailed out paperwork for clients to sign and return.
  6. The boys are back! Jess and Luke have had their 3 foster boys back since Saturday when they got back from their North Carolina trip to see Jake, Meg, Lily & Ella. E, V, & F have changed a lot in the couple of months they were with their family. I got to help with bedtime a couple of nights. My parents drove over this week to see them. V is really talking up a storm - well, as much as a 2 year old does with one word sentences. My favorite was when we were almost ready for dinner, the table was being set, and he came over to me and said, "come on" while waving his hand and motioning me to come to the table. Of course, I came. He even pointed to a chair telling me where to sit. So cute, so cute.
  7. April showers bring May flowers. What do Mayflowers bring? We've had 8 days in a row of rain or snow. On one of the worst days (in order to not have to scrape my car and sit in traffic) I walked to the bus stop a couple of blocks from house. When I headed to the bus stop, the bus was supposed to be 9 minutes away. The sidewalks were not cleared so I sloshed my way through several inches of gloppy snow, but made it with time to spare...yeah, lots of time.
me at the bus stop...waited for 30 minutes for my bus

A view of the snowy sidewalk.

My car at the end of the day. The windows didn't need scraped -- just shoveled off.

My spot didn't get plowed since I didn't drive to the park n' ride.

Snow, snow, go away.


Make it a great week!

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