Wednesday, March 13, 2013

{lately} what have they been up to?

I've been meaning to blog more and a recent email exchange with a friend reminded me that I didn't send out a Christmas letter to update anyone who cares about life lately. So without futher ado here's a quick update on the Flaming 7+...

Anna Grace 
  1. Winning awards for being awesome (pictures here that one of her friends posted).
  2. Day shift continues. A few months ago I* was disappointed to hear she would be going back to the night shift at the first of the year, but after one shift she was moved back. It was a miracle! 
  3. She's been participating in a lot of training lately in order to train other officers. Pretty sure one day they'll call her "Serg"** some day.
  4. Recently she was selected to be a part of an Emergency Response Group, and guess what? It requires more training! 
*obviously she was disappointed as well!
**for Sergeant :)

Jacob Taylor & Meg Anne
  1. Major events - buying, selling, and fixing up houses. You can read all about their progress and see pics on Meg's blog. Lots of progress made lately and it's looking so good!!  
  2. Jake teaches PE for Wilmington Christian Academy - I think he's been there for 6 or 7 years now.
  3. In between house projects and caring for the girls, Meg is working part time for a law office.
  4. Lily (2 years) and Ella (9 months)...miss those girlies. Lily loves the movie Annie - she's going to be a big star someday, I know it! Ella...well, she's just super cute and always smiley. Love!

Jessica Ruth & Luke Jonathan
  1. They've been fostering three boys since March 2012 so Jess has been especially busy with the day-to-day care. Two out of three have gone back home and the baby will be going back this weekend. Thankfully their parents want Jess & Luke to keep in touch. I hope we can see them all again soon! 
  2. Luke got a promotion at work recently - he's analyzing and preparing reports - that's about all I know of what he does for Wells Fargo. Congrats, Luke!
  3. A trip to NC to see Jake, Meg, and the girls is planned for the end of March. I'm jealous that they get to see the new place all fixed up...well, partially fixed up anyway.

Jennifer Dyanne & Eric Eugene
  1. Eric just finished his second undergrad degree. Congrats, Eric!! They are celebrating by taking a trip to a sunny beach without kids. Grandma Flaming is coming to stay with the kiddos.
  2. Jen still teaches piano and has expansion  plans for her studio business in the near future.
  3. Jen's also been homeschooling Morgen (8)  in 3rd Grade this year. I'm pretty sure Jen said she would never homeschool, but she's good at it - Mo loves it! The other day Jen texted a picture of Morgen reading in a chair. She said it was her second time there for the day and no one made her! I call that a win! :)
  4. Carsten (7) and Ethan (4) are just plain getting big. Carsten finished his first community league basketball season and is now ready for baseball. Ethan is almost ready for Kindergarten and I'm pretty sure has grow six inches since Christmas. Maybe not, but it sure seems like it! 

Darrel Lloyd & Terry Lynne
  1. Mom has recovered from her misdiagnosed fungous infection which turned out to be congestive heart failure. She's the main piano player at church, coordinates ladies events, and also enjoys her sewing. Her latest sewing projects have been funded in part by gift cards to Jo Ann Fabrics - yeah, we've got it easy for gift giving!
  2. Dad is busy with church, of course, but also chaplain ride-a-longs and Deo Cantamus rehearsals. Mom and Dad are here for most weekends this month due to Deo rehearsals and concert.
  3. In addition to coming to the area for Deo rehearsals, we get to see Mom and Dad quite often for other family events. It's quite a treat to have them so close!

Bekah Deanne
  1. Sleep. Work. Workout. Late dinner. Sleep. Work. Etc. - this has been my routine of late and while it's not awful, it's quite boring.
  2. I did enjoy a trip to Indiana the end of December, a trip to North Carolina the end of January, and a trip to Rockford, Illinois and Watertown, Wisconsin in the beginning of February so my current boring routine is well deserved.
  3. I just had a cavity filled for the first time in 8? years. The dentist said that if he had known how bad it was he would have scheduled a crown instead. He put me on ibuprofen for the next two days and told me to let him know how I was doing. He's hoping what he did will be good enough, but he had to go really deep and was afraid he was getting close to a nerve. I'm not anticipating any issues since I wasn't having any trouble with the tooth before he went digging for China in my mouth...
  4. If all goes as planned (and no additional dental work is needed), I'm looking forward to paying of my student loan in less than 6 months. Let me tell you: there will be some partying and most likely a happy dance going on at the time of completion. It's a long time comin' and I'm ready to be done with it! 
  5. I'm singing in the Deo group with my Dad, and Jen is too! Come hear us sing - Saturday, March 23 @ 7pm.

Well, family...hope I didn't miss anything. If I did, I'll catch it next time, I hope!!

Use of middle names was purely for your entertainment. You're welcome. :-)
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