Sunday, February 19, 2012

{7 Things to Know}

Below is the 4th post in my new 7 Things to Know which are posted on Sundays.
  1. My mom's birthday was Friday. The Mpls Gang (Mom, Dad, Jen, Eric, Morgen, Carsten, Ethan, Me, Jess and Luke) celebrated at Jess & Luke's.
    • Luke broiled up steaks and mashed some potatoes, Jess made salad and green beans, I brought garlic bread (yum!), and Jen brought homemade cupcakes. Probably the best meal I've eaten since Christmas!
    • Us kids gave mom a bunch of money to go shopping and Jess and Jen took her on Saturday. I got to see her haul after Dad and I got back from Deo Rehearsal.
  2. Workout update - This week I didn't quite reach my goal of 400 calories in 33 min.: Wed - 386; Thur - 397; Fri - 396 --so close! The default calories on MyFitnessPall for 33 min is 552. I have a ways to go to get there, but I'm up for the challenge!
    • This link from Lifehacker says "that working out actually helps boost your energy level, not dimish it." Personally I agree with the first commentor of the post: I usually want a nap after I work out!
  3. I'm ready for a new car. My muffler has sprung another leak (probably the same hole that was patched last fall, but maybe a new one...?), and it's starting to sound like (as my nephew would say) a "super-fast" car. I'm not really ready to go car shopping so I'm officially inviting someone (anyone?) to help me. Any takers?
  4. Morgen helped me grocery shop this week - not sure if she was so much "help" as she was just good company :)
  5. As you know from time-to-time I review books here on my blog which would lead one to believe that I like to read, which is true! I read about "Little Free Library's Pop Up In Twin Cities Neighborhoods" and thought it was kind of a cleaver idea. Of course, I'm about to purchase a Kindle, so I'm not sure I'm a good candidate to be a lender from a neighboring library...
  6. I post links from this site all the time on facebook. I love their ideas! Here's a few I starred in my Google Reader this week:
  7. I love Twizzler's. Notice I didn't say licorice or Red Vines. I said Twizzlers. I've loved them for as long as I can remember. I even wrote it down as my favorite candy in my high school senior memory book. The only thing better than Twizzlers is Twizzer Pull n Peel. I'm pretty sure those came out while I was in college as I some pictures from choir tour with us playing with them while we waited for a meal that was late (Ooh, that's a funny memory! The power had gone out at the church, and whatever it was they were planning to serve didn't get hot. I think they brought in McDonalds for us. That was a first!)
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