Sunday, February 26, 2012

{7 Things to Know}

And now for the post you and I have been waiting for all week...

7 Things to Know posted here each Sunday
  1. You've heard of a peanut allergy, a pollen allergy, and a cat allergy (I used to wish I had a cat allergy!), but have you heard of a cold allergy? That was a new one for me. Read here about a Minnesota boy who's not moving to a warmer climate, but he is allergic to the cold!
  2. I think it's funny that Lifehacker posted this about What You Should Do if You Suspect a Car Is Following You. Say, what?! :)
  3. Some call me organized (thank YOU), but I'm not so organized that I have my annual Doctor, Dentist, and Eye Exam check-ups scheduled. This was a good reminder to get on that. I already have the tools they mention and I've even set a reoccurring reminder for me to schedule the appointments, but no, I haven't done it yet this year (or last year for that matter). I'd like to take care of the scheduling before the end the month...yikes! Only a couple of days left!!
  4. This is mainly for my sister-in-law Meg who just started couponing. I've often asked myself, "Is Couponing Even Worth Your Time?" The link has some good thoughts on the subject. Interesting note for the blogging world - upon checking the stats for my blog, Meg's blog is one of my biggest traffic sources!
  5. Christian Personal Finance - I've referred to this site before and I'll say it again, it's a great resource! If you don't subscribe to a reader (i.e. Google Reader), I'd encourage you to sign up for their weekly email.
  6. This devotional arrived in my inbox the day after I mentioned or maybe complained to a far-away-friend about my own local friend(s) status. Funny thing, a couple days later I got a text to hang out and go bowling. Both the devotional and the outing were encouraging to me!
  7. I was excited last month when plants arrived and now after 4 months in our new space, we finally have art! Yay - we're getting closer to being "done" with our move!! Currently we're still working on signs for our cubes and a sign at our front door and trying to get conference table bases repaired or replaced - very thankful to have the company we purchased them from cover the costs. I think there are a couple of other things still left to do, but for now I can't remember what they are. I'll be very glad when I can put the "move" behind us - it's been a long 2 years of planning, ordering, waiting, calling, emailing, meeting, ordering, waiting, calling, etc., etc., etc.! 

Make it a great week!!
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