Friday, May 20, 2011

birthday week cont.

Taking a time out of this busy week to stop and smell the, whatever these trees are! I actually took the picture because it looked like snow! We're very familiar with snow around here, but are enjoying the lack of snow this week! ;-)

While we haven't had snow for a while, it's actually LILAC time!! And you know when the lilacs bloom, it's time for my first niece's birthday! (These lilacs are courtesy of the side of the road. I wanted to pick more, but a car was coming!! My house sure does smell lovely!)

We celebrated Morgen's 7th birthday tonight with a small family affair including white sauce & chicken pizza and an ICE CREAM cake from DQ. Of course this was all at the birthday girl's request and it was delicious!!

Dinner was followed by presents and my parents were able to join us via Skype! The funniest part was that my parents video feed was frozen so they were talking to us but we were just looking at their picture. Ethan seemed intrigued and kept showing them the presents and chatting with them - giving his version of a play-by-play. Once the presents were opened we were able to get the video feed corrected and then Ethan was not so sure about talking to them...weird kid!

I remember the day this sweet girl was born - May 20, 2004. It seems just like yesterday! Her birth day was scheduled so it was not a surprise. I worked a half day and drove up from Watertown that afternoon. While she was born at 8:30 am, we did not learn her name until mid-afternoon because her parents were still deliberating. Morgen Rae: Morgen means morning in German and Rae means little lamb in Hebrew. I still remember Eric telling me, "Our little lamb was born in the morning."

Seven Reasons I Love You, Morgen Rae:

  1. Your smile is infectious!
  2. You're a girlie-girl and love to play dress up (and go shopping).
  3. You know I want you to stop growing up but you don't listen to me!
  4. You have so many characteristics of your mom and your aunts, but you're your own person too! 
  5. You love horses and dolls and coloring.
  6. You'll drop anything to do a PROJECT - you call yourself the Project Girl!
  7. You watch movies that I like - Annie, Little Women, and more!
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