Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas / Birthday Lunch

Our firm had its annual Christmas lunch at The Cheesecake Factory today.
I also happened to mention to the waitress that we were celebrating my birthday, early...what?! Hey, wait until I'm 85, then see how much I tell people it's my birthday! :) 

We had a delicious lunch with fun conversation and, of course, cheesecake!


they handed out our bonus checks.

Our bonuses are based on whether or not we reached a certain managed investment dollar amount.
I won't bore you the ALL of the particulars, but they did tell us that on the day they did the calculation we were short of our goal by approximately 10%. The funny thing is that the markets gained about 2% the next day. Regardless of our shortfall though, they decided to give us our full bonus. What a blessing!! We really did work hard this year and if you played with the numbers more, we might have been able to make it to our goal. One reason (out of several possible) that we may not have reached our goal is because 17 of our clients died this year. Now this doesn't necessarily mean that their money leaves us too, but depending on who the beneficiaries are, the money may leave our firm.

Anyway, it's been a good, hard year at work and we were glad to be out celebrating!!

*We got our bonus checks, but I haven't had my review yet...that's scheduled for next week! Talk about anti-climatic! Hopefully I get a big raise!
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