Saturday, August 28, 2010

work gathering

I'm not sure if I've explained this before, but thought it might be helpful for those of you who listen to me talk about work on occasion...

My work is closely associated with a group of other financial planners. This group does business as individuals, but there are also areas that the individuals might not be able to do by themselves, so the group does them through one of their departments.

That probably sounds pretty vague...ok, for example, each of the three advisors in my firm sell life insurance, but the group has an insurance department which operates as a general agency. Life insurance companies don't always work directly with agents, so that's where the general agency comes into play. The insurance department acts as the case managers while we are go through the hoops to put life insurance in force for a particular client. The case manager will work directly with the underwriter at the insurance company.

So this group we work with has been in business for 51 years. My firm has only been with them for a little over 20. Last year they celebrated their 50th anniversary with a gala and a few other events. One of the events I did not attend was a St Paul Saints baseball game. They kind of turned this into their annual picnic event which was usually held at French Park, which I believe I went to twice by myself.

This year when the Saints game was announced, I put it on my calendar to attend. I intended to have Jen and her gang join me, but it ended up being Jess, Carsten and I. We had a nice time eating hot dogs and hamburgers and watching 3 innings. Yep, 3 innings is all Carsten was good for. He was ready to go home somewhere in the 2nd inning and I held him off until the end of the 3rd. It was just getting good too!

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