Monday, September 14, 2009

{Book Review} The Noticer written by Andy Andrews

The Noticer written by Andy Andrews

As this is my first “official” book review as a member of Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger program, I feel a little nervous (almost like I have a book report due)–but here goes anyway!

The Noticer is about a man (Andy, the narrator) who meets an old man (simply Jones, not Mr. Jones) who over a period of many years, and at different times, gives Andy and the rest of the town “a little perspective.” This “perspective” is given when Andy or the townspeople are going through a difficult time. Many of lives are changed because of this old man's inspirational perspective. You will be encouraged by the stories of these people's lives as they are very believable. The experiences written about could be about your neighbor, your co-worker, or even a family member. There are interesting twists in the book about who is Jones?, why does he carry a suitcase?, what nationality/race is he?, why do some people call him by another name?

My first reaction was that I liked this book. The readability was set at a nice pace to be read in just a few evenings. I don't like slow starters and this definitely had me from the beginning. I was intrigued why a guy would be living under a pier and how a random old man could change his life by asking him “What is it about me that people would change if they could?”.

As much as I liked the book, it didn't really work for me because of the lack of scriptural context. There were many inspirational, helpful life-tips, but not a lot of reference to God and what He can do for and through you. A few themes in the book that I appreciated and would like to consider more with scripture mixed in:
  • Love dialects (spoken word of approval, favors & deeds, physical contact, quality time).
  • Whatever you focus upon, increases.
  • “Don't sweat the small stuff”is not really an accurate motto to live by because it's the small stuff that makes the big picture.
  • A decision to change may take a long time, but the actual change takes place in a heartbeat.
  • Choice vs mistake. Ask forgiveness for wrong choices, don't just say “I'm sorry.”
  • Take the first 10 minutes after you wake up to write down what you're grateful for.
Recommendation: Good Read.
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