Thursday, August 13, 2009

free cd download

Just wanted to let my blog readers know about some great music that you can get for FREE!

It's kind of fun/interesting to be able to tell you about this music because I personally know the musician! Dave was the music director/pastor at Harvest when I lived on Guam. I really enjoyed singing in choir and ensembles under his direction and learned a lot from him. Like me, he's not on Guam any more, but he's still actively involved in church and music to the honor and glory of God! His blog will tell you more about his ministry and his music. Hope you get a chance to download this FREE CD and maybe even buy his newest CD!

Just as a point of fact, last year I received his Christmas CD from my sister for my birthday. Let me tell you it was my favorite CD of the season. I think I listened to it well into January, maybe even February! Yes, it was that good!

(So, Dave, how about adding Minnesota to your itinerary!?! Sara, you have roots up here! You should come for a visit!)

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