Friday, July 31, 2009

this & that...time to catch up, continued again & again

Back at the end of June, I started to work on catching up on my blogging. So for the past month, along with keeping up with current events, I've been getting caught up. I did not realize it would take this long!! This marks the final entry for my catch up phase (not to be confused with ketchup!).

In April the church ladies hosted a shower for Jess. Here are a few pics:

My mom was able to come up for the shower and here are a few pics from her time here with us:

Not to be left out, Dad came up for a police chaplain conference and was able to be my first guest in my new apartment (arriving just in time...he didn't have to move anything or help unpack!). He stayed at the apartment with Luke, who was my 2nd guest. Here are a few pics from back in May:

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