Friday, July 31, 2009

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Updated 7/31/09

7/30/09 Well, the end of July is almost here and as promised here's an update on how I did in my first month in PartyLite.

I started off really well since my first Show ended up being my highest Show: sales = $369. This was really an overflow of my starter Show, but I'm thankful that even though there many couldn't come to the Starter Show they were still able to help me get started on this new venture.

My second show was also a catalog show with my mom as the hostess. I brought my FREE kit down to my mom & dad's and had a little mini-show for my dad, mom and two sisters. My mom then worked all month to sell candles for me. The totals of that Show are not yet finalized. Stay tuned for those results!

Update: The results are in!! Mom's Show sales were $299. It was so exciting to see this number grow throughout the deadline day. I had to submit the show on the 31st by 11 pm. I posted the original blog entry on Thursday and on Friday morning I let everyone know on Facebook how much I needed. It was so exciting to see the numbers go up and by 3pm I had reached my goal!!! My mom's Show did have a little help from two of my co-workers and my lil sis, Anna; their orders helped me go OVER the goal amount! I also had many words of encouragement from friends via Facebook. Thank you, family, friends and co-workers! Most of all, thanks to God for allowing me to earn extra money and for giving me encouraging family, friends and co-workers!

My third Show was with a gal from church. With only 3 in attendance we managed to squeak out $231 in Show sales, plus two future bookings.

My fourth Show was with my sister, Jen. Again, we only had three guests in attendance, but I did get a booking! That Show totaled $190.

My fifth Show included a trip to Watertown, WI. I had fun seeing old friends and the Show went well with about 8 in attendance and one booking. The Show totaled $313.

My sixth Show was actually a Fundraiser for Metro Women's Center. There was really only one seller and she was only able to sell for about 2 weeks. Her Show total was $140 and 1/2 of that goes directly to Metro Women's Center. The remaining $70 goes towards my sale totals. I hope we can do a larger scale Fundraiser for this organization in the near future.

So now I'm doing the math, and it looks like $227 is the magic number. I have to turn in that much by tomorrow by 11pm to qualify for PartyLite's BriteStart Month 1. My sale totals would then be $1400 and my team leader would really like me to reach that goal. Anyone interested in helping me reach this goal go to Only 148 shopping days until Christmas!

I'm really excited to go to our next team meeting (Aug 4th) with my "qualifying" numbers. You know, of course, that I get more FREE candles if I meet my goal this month! And if I meet the BrightStart goal the next two months, I also get more compensation. You might remember that one of my main reasons for joining PartyLite was to use the extra income to pay off a little debt and I'd really enjoy taking more trips to see family & friends!

This month was a success in my book. I met many new friends and enjoyed fellowship with many long-time (and many newer) friends. I hope I was a reflection of the Light to those I interacted with along the way.
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