Thursday, December 25, 2008


I like giving gifts. I like getting them too, of course, but I really enjoy picking out gifts for a specific person and then watching them open the gift. Sounds like I'm a person who might shop all year for Christmas gifts, but for now, I'm not. Maybe some day I will be...

My secret gift-giving wish is to go from keeping a box of gifts on hand to a whole closet full! I met someone who had a candle closet; whenever she opened the closet she got a nice whiff of the delicious candles. I'd like to have a closet full of gifts, wrapping paper, bows and ribbons to reach in and grab the perfect gift for whatever the occasion: birthdays, thank you's, Christmas, or just because.

So why this infatutation with giving gifts? I'd like to say it's because I've received the greatest gift of all: Jesus Christ. You know the verse "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son..." That's the greatest gift anyone could get and since I already have it, maybe that's why I have a desire to give to others... Well, this attitude could be goal of mine, but I'm not sure it's the total reason why I like giving.

Maybe I give because it's my "love language" - thank you, Gary Chapman. I read his book "Five Love Languages" a long time ago and don't really remember all his points, but maybe...

Whatever the reason, I'm glad that I like to give gifts! Did you know I also like surprises? My favorite surprise of all time was when I was travelling on choir tour in college and my entire family drove 10 hours to see me! They even picked up my G'ma and brought her along! What a fun memory!

Do you like giving and/or getting gifts? Have you received the greatest gift?
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