Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas letter 2008

Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2008

My 4-year old niece, Morgen, just asked me what the cards on my printer were for. I told her they were my Christmas cards that I needed to mail out and the paper was for a Christmas letter I needed to write. Without hesitating she said, “Well, let's do it!”

“Well,” I told her, “I'll probably work on it tomorrow.” (She really just wanted to play with the stickers...) But since tomorrow never comes and my niece is occupied for a few minutes playing Dora the Explorer Candyland with Aunt Anna, I thought maybe I should at least start the letter. I also realized a couple of weeks ago, that I didn't write a Christmas letter last year.

This past year I've enjoyed living near almost half of my immediate family. The other half is still spread across the country. My parents are in their sixth year in Nappanee, IN. Dad is the senior pastor at Calvary Baptist Church and mom is working in an office at Fairmont Home. Being involved as a the assist senior chaplain for the Elkhart County Sheriff and Nappanee Police departments also keeps my dad busy. Mom is thankful to be employed since many other plants of their type have closed due to the economy.

Anna also lives in Indiana. In August she took a new job and is an officer for the Carmel City Police (near Indianapolis). Apparently this is “the” city to live in as they are one of the fastest growing cities in Indiana and one of the first cities to use stop lights. Interestingly enough it is now known for using roundabouts. (How's that for fun facts about Carmel you probably never wanted to know!). So anyway, Anna loves it there and I hope to visit real soon!

Jake and Meg are also far way in Wilmington, NC and I would also like to visit soon (especially since Wilmington is a beach/warm town). Jake is in his third year as teacher and coach for a large Christian school. Meg just found a job this past month. If you didn't know, they got married in July after a whirlwind romance of several months of dating long distance. Jess introduced them (Meg was Jess's roommate for almost three years, but Jake and Meg didn't start dating until a couple months after Jess and Meg weren't roommates anymore.) This funny little matchmaking Jess did is about to come full circle as Meg introduced Jess to her cousin, Luke, at the wedding.

Luke and Jess are now trying out long distance dating and are both learning how much flight cost to/from PA and MN. I'll keep you posted on any other plans... So besides dating Luke, Jess keeps busy coaching basketball and working in the business office at Fourth Baptist Church. She's part of my “near” family as she is my landlord and roommate. (Jess bought a two-bedroom/two-bath condo when I moved here to Minnesota.) We get along swimmingly! ;0)

Jen and Eric are in their eighth year living here in Minnesota. What a blessing to live near Morgen (4), Carsten (almost 3), & Ethan (7 mo.) as they are still growing and changing every day. It's great to see them so much more then once every six weeks or so like I did when I lived in WI. The trek to Hanover (a.k.a. “Canada”) is only about 25 min. and I get to see them at church too.

So this letter was mostly all about family, but I do have a job that I could tell you about; however, I really would like to get this letter done and in the mail before the new year. To catch up on more of me (& my family) and see to tons and tons of pictures, you'll want to visit my Facebook profile or read more of my blog.

Have a blessed New Year!

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