Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2 0 0 9 travel WISH list

Did you know I had a travel WISH list? (Emphasis obviously on WISH.) The following is where I'd like to go in the next two-three years (listed alphabetically by location; the dates are mostly just preferences; the people hopefully want to see me):

October 2009 Visit my Guam friend/roomie, Cristin and her husband Steve in LA.

May 2009 Go to Kim's (college friend) wedding in Romania and stop by Paris or London on the way. Travelling with former college roommate Tricia.

February 2010 Visit Madrigal friend Beth and catch some rays @ the beach.

September 2010 Visit Danna and the troops in Atlanta.

November 2008 Visit former Guam roommate, Christa, and her family in Pekin.

November 2008 Visit mom & dad for Thanksgiving
March 2009 Visit mom & dad for Easter (not sure what day this is though).
November 2009 Visit mom & dad for Thanksgiving
March 2010 Visit mom & dad for Easter (again, not sure what month this is though).
November 2010 Visit mom & dad for Thanksgiving

July 2010 I think we're due for a family reunion in 2009, but not sure if anyone is planning this yet. So I decree that 2010 would be a good year for it. :)

North Carolina
December 2009 Yikes! I haven't seen Jake & Meg's beach yet!

Washington DC
June 2010 Visit former Guam roommate Missy. Catch up on some historical sites.

April & July 2009 Visit Watertown family.
April & July 2010 Visit Watertown family.

Believe it or not, there are more people and places I'd like to go to but these are the most realistic possibilities...I hope!! :)

I've been perusing and am signed up to get weekly price-alert emails for some of the places I won't be able to drive to.

Where do you WISHto go?
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