Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i know i haven't blogged in a few days...

This is for you, mom :) I got this idea from another blog...

What was I doing ten years ago?
1998 - I was preparing to graduate from college. Traveled internationally for the first time; heading to Guam.

Five things on my “to do” list today:
1. Clean bathroom
2. Mail in rebate for new computer monitor
3. Do some laundry
4. Add blog entry
5. ...I got nothin'

Snacks I enjoy
Twizzlers Pull n' Peel seems to be the all-time fav, but I recently found those Chips Ahoy Candy Bites and love them! Perfect treat at work after my salad lunch!

Three of my bad habits:
1. Stay up too late
2. Hit snooze
3. Forget to call my siblings that aren't here...don't worry, I've added a reminder to my phone/calendar so I won't forget anymore :)

Five places I’ve lived:
1. New Hope, MN
2. Greenville, SC
3. Barrigada, GU
4. Joliet, IL
5. Newton, KS

Five jobs I’ve had: In no particular order
1. Kulhman's Cleaning - my first "real" job. I got $4.50/hour! I thought I was so cool!
2. Farm & Fleet - or " arm & F eet" as the sign said when two lights were out on the big sign out front :)
3. Middle School Secretary - Guam.
4. KFC - still love finger lickin' chickin' on occasion
5. Soil Conservation Service - summer job after high school; got an award for "volunteering" but I did get paid! Thanks, Dad, for accepting that award on my behalf and getting your picture in the paper :)
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