Tuesday, August 14, 2007

life on the lakes

Edit: more email updates I found...
Coming to you from the state of 10,000 lakes...ok, well, I haven't even been to one yet so I'll have to remedy that soon :)

The new job is still going well. While I'm learning new things all the time, I'm starting to get the hang of things. Things are going so well our office is starting to have time to work on projects. Last Friday, Boss2* gave us two admin's and the planning analyst a project of getting a new book of business entered into the database. One of the reps who works in our building is retiring for the 2nd time and is passing on about 175 clients to our firm. Getting them into our database is just phase one of project, so Boss2 announced yesterday that if we got it done by Friday he would give us each a bonus. We were pleasantly surprised at this announcement especially since the other admin (Mary) and I had already discussed getting the project done by Wednesday (the third rep is on vacation this week, so we thought we could get a handle on it quickly). After the bonus announcement we were able to put some time in on the project, and the rest of the day whenever something would come up that would take us away from the project, Mary would let my boss know that he was just trying to distract us from our goal :) ...Mary's been here for 5 years and is very comfortable giving the boss a hard time... :)

This week I'm also on a mission to get my MN driver's license. I went to a nearby DVM last Saturday to take care of it, but was only able to get my car registered...with only a 45 min wait! :) b/c they were only a county office and they didn't give the "knowledge test". Of course the state offices are only open when I'm at work so I have to do a little manuevering to get in and also keep up with our big project!

After the DVM experience I headed up to "Canada" to see Morgen, Carsten, Jen & Eric. We enjoyed a quiet Saturday afternoon. Jen made a delicous lunch (thanks, Jen!) and then it was nap time for the kiddos. (Ahhhhh! it's so peaceful during nap time! :) I also had fun coloring with the Morgen and Carsten...Carsten mainly b/c he just wants to do into anything that Morgen is doing. He's a great mimick...especially when he tries to talk...very entertaining!

Jess and I are getting a long well at the condo. So far it seems that I'm the cook, which isn't a problem for me...especially since we got a brand new oven! :) We had a small gathering after church the other night for a few of the gang from the young adult group at church (includes married and single folks). The menu for our little soiree included veggie pizza, bbq meatballs, watermelon, chips & salsa, brownies, & babyruth bars. Getting hungry yet?! ...You'll have to come over next time! :) With the party leftovers I was able to carry on my tradition of bringing in food to my co-workers. They enjoyed it very much!

Well, I'd love to hear from you when you get a chance! Signing off 'til next time...maybe I'll go jump in one of the 10,000 lakes! :>)

*name changed to protect the innocent
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