Friday, July 27, 2007

life on the lakes

Edit: email update I found from this summer...

July 23rd & 27th (I started this earlier in the week, but I'm just finishing now...)

Greetings from the City of Lakes (Minneapolis)!

Some of you are probably wandering if I fell into one of the lakes so I guess this adventure of mine needs a little update :) I think I last updated everyone before my trip to the Flaming family reunion. So I'll begin there...


We had a great time with about 55 people gathering in Omaha, NE. My dad had 5 siblings and there are 20 cousins, most of whom are married with kids, so you can imagine the craziness. Of course not everyone could come; we were missing about 18 people. We practically took over a hotel utilizing their meeting room, lobby, and the pool for most of 3 days, Thursday-Saturday. My immediate family decided to arrive a day early, so 1/2 of my family got settled in before most of the others arrived. To our delight there were a few others who came early and we had a small 4th of July BBQ at my aunt and uncle's house. The 2nd cousins played with fire crackers out in the church parking lot across from the house. Jen and Eric were arriving at the hotel mid-evening so we didn't stay for the real fire works. We had our mini-reunion that night and my parents got to catch up with the two little ones while the rest of us planned a little for the next few days.

Our first official event for the weekend was dinner on Thursday at Valentino's a delicious Italian buffet. The pasta was delicious! We again took over their large group room and got caught up on everyone's family happenings. My uncle asked each head of family to give a summary of their family with their names and what their job is and what ministries they are involved in.

Last week I had a break through at work, at least if felt like one. On Friday I was even caught up with everything assigned to me and was allowed to leave a few minutes early! I have begun learned how to process many pieces of investment and insurance business with the help of my Boss2* and a co-worker. I was able to wow the office with my quick form creativity, office manual updating, and computer knowledge (low-tech stuff). I've even been able to "consult" with another financial rep whose office is in the same hall as theJob*. (AdvisorSenior* is retiring next month and giving most of his book of business to our firm.)

"The Book of Knowledge" as is what the office manual is known as here. When I started the book was severely deficient and about 4 years outdated, so as I learn new items I get the privilege of updating the office manual. I think updating office manuals may be a life calling of mine... ;) Actually it is a great way for me to mentally process what I've learned and help me review and organize the many new things that come at me each day. One of my coworkers mentioned the other day that they have to be careful how they tell me to do something "because it's written down in that notebook of hers..." I just smile and nod :)

Riding the bus downtown every day was daunting at first, but I am getting quite used to it and actually am beginning to enjoy the extra few minutes of sleep in the morning ;) and have started to enjoy reading on the bus in the afternoon. For a while "people watching" was much more interesting than my book. My sister has also let me use an MP3 player that has helped me "fit in" on the bus. It also helps me pass the time while I'm waiting for my bus -- I'm always on time or early!!!

This Friday after my work was again caught up, I was able to take my "free" 1/2 day off. Each summer month we can pick one Friday to have an extra 1/2 day of vacation. I enjoyed my afternoon by bringing my Jess for lunch at her work (4th BC), going to my her apt pool and soaking up some rays, meeting my both sisters at the new condo for our walk through inspection, and finally babysitting the niece & nephew for the evening.

While I was babysitting everyone else was helping Jess and her roommate move their stuff out of the apt. (It's a long story, but since the closing date for the condo is in the middle of the week Jess gets to move twice! too! Her stuff is now sitting in a garage of her old roommate. She'll camp out at the old apt for a few more days by herself.)

The walk through of the new condo went really well! It was my first time seeing the inside (we had driven by once) and I love it! I can't wait to move in and get settled. Hopefully I'll get to send pictures soon!

Well, if I'm going to get this sent I'd better say, "Good bye"!!

*names changed to protect the innocent
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