Monday, January 27, 2014

{Thoughts on Moving} what's to like?

I just found this post I started a while back. I guess I never finished it. Hmm...and now I'm not entirely sure what my point was going to be...oh, well, enjoy!

I'm not a fan of moving: boxes, packing, lifting, sweating - yeah, not really my thing. Now, something I do like is throwing, sorting, organizing, and reviewing memories that get stored away. But I can do that without moving, can't I?

June of 2007, almost seven years ago, I moved to Minnesnowta. I moved for a job firstly, but the big bonus was that two of my sisters lived here. The bigger bonus was that my niece and nephew lived here, too. I sure do like living near them. It was really fun to be here to hang out with them when their little brother was born about a year after I moved here.

The summer I moved to Minnesota I spent six weeks living in Jen's basement. Most of my things were in storage. Already in the works was Jess's purchase of a condo. We moved in the beginning of August (remember the 35W Bridge collapse? that day, I was unpacking at the condo).

Anyway, we were roommates for two years. After the first year I was here, we gained a sister-in-law. The next year I gained a brother-in-law.

When I gained the brother-in-law I got to move to my own place. I'd lived by myself two other times (once on Guam and once right before I moved to Minnesota) so it wasn't exactly new.

I think it took a while for me to adjust to living by myself again, and maybe I'm not as adjusted as I should be...

Two years ago my parents moved to Spooner, and it's been great to see them more regularly. Last year we had the chore of sorting through my parents things to help them downsize to an apartment. I was excited for them to get a smaller, better place to live, but it was hard to see many of their things move on to new homes or Goodwill. But since I have a small place myself, it wasn't like I could take much of anything.

Speaking of my small place...I keep telling myself that I'm not yet ready to do all the box lifting and furniture carrying that is required for moving again. In addition to my small space there are other things about my current living situation that get my mind thinking about a move: ants and mice to name two things. I've had three summers of ant issues, and this winter I discovered mouse droppings in a drawer.

When I do start to think about a new place, I usually add something to my wish list: garage, washer/dryer in unit, dishwasher, spare room or even just a den, be in my same area/town, be on the bus line, etc. Oh, and if it's an apartment or even a condo, I would also love a fitness room and/or pool.

I still don't have any firm conclusions on this matter...but I think I'd like to sort through some of my things in the next few months. It doesn't hurt to be prepared!
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