Monday, January 6, 2014

{Starting the New Year} with Progress!

Yesterday I went shopping. Not just any kind of shopping, but shopping for new jeans. This might not sound like a fun adventure for some, but the reason I was shopping for jeans was because I needed a smaller size. Yup, a smaller size! Oh, that feels good to say!!

I had my final weigh-in and assessment today at Fit Body Boot Camp, and I'm officially down 15.75", 8% body fat, and 30 lbs! An excellent way to finish out my time at Fit Body, if I do say so myself! I was also pleasantly surprised to win honorable mention in the "8 Is Great" competition. My prize was a Thirty-One gym bag! (It's what I've wanted for about 6 months - a perfect gift!)

Megan, the owner of Fit Body asked me to write a testimonial of my experience, and I thought I would also share it here:

I had great experience with Fit Body Boot Camp. I'm really going to miss it! (If you've been reading my blog or Facebook posts, you know) I highly recommend Fit Body to anyone! It might seem obvious to say, but Fit Body really is a great place to get fit as it doesn't matter what your fitness level is, what your size is, what your age is, or even if you have the latest workout clothes.

My experience with Fit Body was all positive and I would really have a hard time finding something negative to say about it. The trainers are friendly, helpful and encouraging: they learn your names quickly, and that means a lot to me; if you need to modify an exercise, they are great with alternative options; oh, and if you need to use a heavier weight, they'll let you know! That last one is kind of tongue-in-cheek, but really, they encourage you by challenging to do more than you think you can do.

The fellow participants were also great! I connected with several people and seeing them each time I went to workout always gave me extra, positive energy to get through the class or in some cases, stay for an extra session! I can't say I will remember everyone's name, but if they happen to read this, I just want them to know that they were an encouragement to me and helped make my FBBC experience a success!

For maybe a year (or two?) I had been reading about boot camp classes on some blogs and was very curious about the format. It happened that I heard of Fit Body through a friend right about the time I was ready to spend some money on my fitness goals. I'm very thankful that I took the opportunity to try it out back in June and that I was able to finish the year with 8 weeks more!

Thanks, Megan, for a great experience! I look forward to coming back in the future - hopefully, the not-too-distant-future!

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