Thursday, August 1, 2013

{In the News}

Sometimes a story in the news affects you more deeply than other stories...Maybe that's a good thing. I don't have much to say about this sad story, but I wanted to remember it so I'm posting a brief write up here on the blog.

Maybe you heard about the bus accident near Indianapolis this past weekend – two buses of kids and some cars from Colonial Hills Baptist Church were returning from a week at camp. Only one bus was in the accident, but the second bus and the others in cars saw the accident happen in front of them. The bus in the accident had the teens and the younger kids were in the second bus.
My sister’s department (Carmel PD) was called to assist at the scene as Carmel and Indianapolis border each other. Anna was on another detail so she didn’t work the scene, but she said it was very sad.
Three people died: the youth pastor, his wife, and another lady from the church who was on the trip to help her special needs child. 
The youth pastor was the son of the senior pastor of the church. The senior pastor is a Central Seminary grad and a former president of my alma mater, Maranatha. He became the president a couple of months prior to my move to Minneapolis. 
The youth pastor’s wife was pregnant with their second child. Their toddler boy survived the accident. The other lady is survived by her 5 kids and husband. 
This link is the parents of the youth pastor and his wife speaking at a press conference yesterday:
A donation website was set up here to help the toddler, Chase.

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