Tuesday, July 16, 2013

{conversations with littles}

V is 2 years old. He's kinda my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love them all equally, but there's something about V...oh, and we share a birthday!

When we met him he was 15 months old, a little destroyer of all in his path, but oh, so cute. He's 2 1/2 now and cute as ever. He's a man of few words, but he knows how to communicate.

Here's a couple of my favorite V conversations:

Yes, Bekah

One of the first things I tried to teach him, of course, was my name. I've done it with all my nieces and nephews. (Lookout Ella, I'm going to start working on you next!)

It typically goes like this: I point to myself and say, "Say, Bekah" and then I point to them and say their name. I repeat this as often as I can. It's worked, so I go with it.

One night last year I was babysitting Jess & Luke's boys, and V was not obeying. I was holding Baby F so I didn't go over to V to deal with the situation as well as I should have. They had worked with the boys to answer, "Yes, Jess" when they were being disciplined so I was trying to get V to say, "Yes, Bekah."

I didn't hear anything so I assumed he wasn't answering me. I repeated "Yes, Bekah" and again didn't hear any response. I was getting a little irritated and then it dawned on me what was happening.

He was pointing to himself, tapping his chest. He was saying "Yes, Bekah" in his own little way. I felt kind of bad that I kept getting after him...

Sunday School

I often help Jess pick up the boys from nursery after church. I usually get V. This week when I went to get him he took off as I had turned around to get his coloring pages from the counter. When I finally caught up to him, he had found Luke.

Luke still needed to go get E, so he passed of V to me. I bent down to chat with him and asked him about his coloring pages. "What story did you learn today?" I asked. I saw a picture of people praying and someone standing at the door. "Did you learn about Peter getting out of jail?" V nodded his head and said, "Knock, knooooock. Knock, knoooooock!" He was also pretend knocking with his little fist.

I was cracking up at his version of the story. When Luke came back I told V, "Tell Luke about your story you learned today!" Luke bends down and takes a look a the paper. "Did you learn about Peter and Rhoda?" Luke asked. V answered with, "Knock, knooooock. Knock, knoooooock!" What a guy!

He got to repeat his story to Jess and then again to Uncle Jon and Aunt Cheryl. Jess said that his saying, "knock, knock" is one of his favorite things to say anyway. I can only imagine what he thinking while the teacher was telling the story. He must have been so excited to hear a story about his favorite phrase! :))
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