Saturday, June 22, 2013

{summer storms}

I've had an unusual past few days starting with Thursday morning through today. Using Facebook statuses and a few additional notes to fill in the gaps, here’s a rundown followed by some pictures:

Thursday @ 8:34am
Well. I'm having car issues this morning. I'm waiting on Hwy 55 for AAA. Engine light came on and car lost ability to accelerate. Stay tuned for updates...

Thursday at 9:45am
Tow finally showed up. Headed to Mazda dealer.

Thursday at 10:09am
Headed to work with a loaner. Will hopefully get a call soon that my car is ok.

Thursday at 3:05pm
So Mazda is telling me it's my after-market cruise control that is confusing my car and causing the problem (see this morning's status). I'm waiting for a call back from the Dealer Automotive Service guy. They (DAS) put the cruise on my car in Sept last year and I haven't had any problems...he did tell me it's still under warranty, so that maybe a good thing!
In other car news, my 30,000 mile checkup is going to cost me almost $200.

Thursday at 3:10pm
Guy called back and they are going to look at it tomorrow and get it fixed for me. Something about the instructions not giving a true ground wire...blah, blah, blah...and I'm the first problem they've heard of in the dozen they've done since using the kit starting last year...

Thursday at 5:00 pm
Drove from work to the dealer to pick up my car and return the loaner. Finally got home and got some supper.

Thursday at 7:00pm
Went to see end of Carsten's last regular season baseball game. I got there in time for a couple of innings.
Thursday at 8:41pm
Just dropped it off at cruise control place. Jen's are taking me home now. Will ride the bus to work and then to my car.

Friday 7:28am
Power outage in New Hope since 3:45...headed to work early thanks to my phone alarm setting I did last night. I was awake from 3:30-4:something so I'm not quite awake now...although the walk to the bus stop helped a smidge.

Friday 1:33pm
Thanks to Jess my refrigerated and frozen food is NOT at my house thawing out. From what I can tell the power is still out at my house ...been out since 3:45 this morning

Friday 4:20pm
I got a different bus than usual after work in order to go pick up my car. They weren’t able to fix the cruise control but they ordered a brand new kit. Apparently there was something wrong with the batch of kits that mine came from. They disconnected the cruise control which I thought was done yesterday by the dealer, hmmmmghmmm… and now I’m on my way: first home to change, then to my 3rd boot camp workout, then home to shower and eat some dinner, then to Jen’s to drop off a pastry cutter, then to Jess’s to pick her up to go shopping for a baby shower gift.
So the shopping trip was delayed since on my way to Jess’s a big storm started.

Friday 9:15pm
This evening's rain, wind, thunder & lightening show was magnificent! My neighborhood is a mess with trees uprooted and power poles leaning over. I'm thankful for safety as I was driving to Jess's
as it started. We watched the storm from their deck then sat around and sang God is So Good by candlelight with E& V. E asked some good questions about God too.
Now I'm home and thankful the power is on in my little half-underground apartment.

Saturday 7:25am
Jess texted that she was going to come over and shower and get ready. I groggily texted back to come over whenever. I slowly got up and when she said she was on her way, I started to clean the bathroom. I also started a load of laundry somewhere in there.
Luke and the boys dropped her off and they went to find some breakfast. The struck out at two McDonald's - the one near me had no power and the one by their house was super busy. They ended up at a Burger King.
Saturday 9:15am
Jess and I are on the road - we still needed to go get our gift for the baby shower that was at 10 as well as pick up the blueberry muffins she had baked for the baby shower. Thankfully she got them done before the power outage. Jen didn't have the same luck with her scones she was to bring for the shower, but they did get baked at Emslies.
Saturday 12:15pm
The shower was a success: lots and lots of presents, cuddles with the newborn, tasty foods, friendly chatter, tours of the Emlies' house.
I dropped off Jess at Tuttles where the boys and Luke were. There is lots of traffic in the Tuttles area on a normal Saturday so the non-working lights at several intersections in a row made it a bit challenging.
When I got home I crashed and slept hard.
Saturday 2:15pm
Jen called to see about bringing over their cold food. She brought Morgen and Ethan along and they ended up eating some melty ice cream before Jen left with Ethan to go back home. Carsten was helping Eric on a plumbing project that was somewhat urgent. Since they had no power, Carsten was the light holder.
Morgen and I went on a short walk to see what we could see in the neighborhood across the way. A few people were out cleaning up their yards, but I don't think the area we walked to had power because there wasn't a lot of activity.
Saturday 5:15pm
Jen and Ethan returned with Carsten. Eric was off to Target/Star Bucks working on a website project. We had pizza and soupy ice cream from their freezer. Jen brought all their cold food over earlier today. The boys brought my Wii back from their house so they could play some. When we got tired of the Wii, we played games - Pass the Pigs is Ethan's favorite.:)

Found out Jess's are being taken care of by a church family.  
Saturday 8:08pm
Jen just texted they have power! 24 hours without something makes you THANKFUL!
Saturday 8:35pm
Just did a drive by for Jess & Luke - they are without power still. Thankfully they have someone where for all of them to go.
I took some side streets on my way back. Had my windows down and heard lots of generators going and saw lots of cords going across the streets. One house was helping two of their neighbors with two different power cords. Saw lots of piles of branches, a pile of woodchips, and lots of trees down. Didn't see much damage to houses, but could be that damage was on the back side of the houses for some...
Saturday 11:30pm
Saw on Facebook that a neighbor of Jess & Luke's had power, but it kept going on and off. I think the last status was that it was off.

Here's a picture from Friday night as we watched the storm from J&L's condo and then some pictures around the neighborhood today...

Flash flood warnings were in effect.

Two trees down at end of parking lot at J&L's condo.
Only a boat trailer was hit by the falling trees at the parking lot at J&L's condo.
Trees split.
Branches down.
Woodchip piles and piles of branches.
Electric pole falling over.
Tree in the street.
Another broken tree.
Strange sun tonight. This picture does not do it justice.

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