Wednesday, May 8, 2013

{Love from Littles} = Worth Being Late

Tonight I dashed out of work to get a 20 minute workout in (some circuit weights today), and then dashed to the bus to get there with few minutes to spare.

When I got home I threw some ground turkey with Mrs. Dash in the microwave for chili. (Not sure why I picked chili for dinner, but I had gone grocery shopping the day before and that's what sounded good when I was planning some menus.)

Anyway, while the meat was browning I jumped in the shower and before drying my hair I mixed up the chili. While the chili was simmering I dried my hair and finished getting ready. With no time to actually eat the chili, I tested it and turned off the burner before heading out to church.

Whew! I was a few minutes late to church, but I think it was worth it. As I walked in the door, I saw my foster-nephew, E, and one of his choir leaders walking down the hall from the bathroom. I was greeted with "Hi, Bekah!" in his cute-for-now-no-consonants.

I greeted him back, "Hi, E-!" and turned to go toward the auditorium. E and his leader kept on going to their classroom, but then I heard, "Hey!" So I turned around and E said, "Hey...[pause, pause]...I love you!" And before I could get out a reply, he repeated himself, "I love you!" Of course I said, "I love you!" back, and I think he said it one more time.

What a kid! It was cute to see him scrambling for something to say to me and extra cute that his go-to phrase was "I love you!"

By the way, my freezer is full of chili now. Guess I'm set for another 6 months before I need to make it again :)

Jess posted this pic on fb today - E(4), F(1), V(2)
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