Saturday, December 8, 2012

{The Racketeer} by John Grisham

Last Saturday I finished reading John Grisham's The Racketeer. Pretty good book about a black lawyer who ended up in jail and then got out of jail by making a deal with the FBI when he gave he name of  a guy for a murder of a judge. When the now free lawyer gets a new face and relocated courtesy of the US Marshalls, plus the reward money, he circumvents their protection and pretends to be a documentary filmer and meets up with a guy he had been in jail with at one time.

The jail guy doesn't recognize him and falls for the filmer routine and the two end up taking a private jet to Miami, only the lawyer drugs the jail guy and they go to Jamaica instead. When they get to Jamaica, the jail guy is still out cold and he gets put in jail there for drugs and a gun found in his bag. The lawyer pretends to try to help the jail guy including hiring a lawyer for him. 

The whole point was to find out where the guy had gold bars hidden that he had stolen from the judge he killed. The judge was on the take, obviously, and the jail guy and his brother had stumbled on the gold. Turns out the brother had gotten killed in a DEA drug bust before they could get the gold and the guy ended up in jail where he met the lawyer. 

I'm leaving out some key things in this story, but you really need to read the book! :)

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