Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy 42nd Anniversary {Mom and Dad}

Yesterday marked my parents 42nd Wedding Anniversary. I had the privilege of spending the day with them as we travelled from Spooner, Wisconsin to Carmel, Indiana. Anna’s place was our destination. We enjoyed a stop for lunch at Beef-A-Roo where we met dad’s sister and her family – Aunt Jan, Uncle Dale, cousins Julie, Justin, and Eric, and Julie’s son Gabe. It was a quick lunch as we had five more hours to drive, but it was good to catch up for even a little bit.

As we were driving, I quizzed Mom and Dad on their favorite anniversaries. Their first answer was that they “don’t remember because it’s around Christmas, but we usually go out to eat sometime after first of year.” 

So I decided to ask them about the highlights by 5s:
  • 0 (1970) Saved some cake for 1st anniversary.
  • 1 (1971) Dad gave Mom a green, electric can opener.
  • 5 (1975) lived on farm; Bekah's first Christmas.
  • 10 (1980) in WTTN, Mom pregnant with Jake. First Christmas break at Maranatha.
  • 15 (1985) KC royals won World Series that year. First Christmas at Fremont house.
  • 20 (1990) on deputation. Decided not to go to Germany in January at HEART conference. Went out to eat at German restaurant in downtown Milwaukee.
  • 25 (1995) Syracuse – Jen and Bekah coordinated a gathering at a room in the City Hall.
  • 30 (2000) Jen's wedding – Jen had a special cake and presentation at the reception. Us kid’s gave them a framed picture from their wedding.
  • 35 (2005) went to Fogo De Chao in Minneapolis – Dad says he spent $88 on dinner for both of them
  • 39? (2009) went to Riders in the Sky with Jen and Eric – they don’t remember for sure which year this was
  • 40 (2010) Don’t remember, but pretty sure they were in Minneapolis
  • 41 (2011) went to Rice Lake to a nice restaurant sometime in January
  • 42 (2012) Trip to Indiana with Bekah to see Anna.

Happy 42nd Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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