Friday, May 13, 2011

{feed the hungry}

Our Evening of Packing Food
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It's very important to remember the order of the food that is placed in the bags!

Earlier this year we received an email at work about volunteering as a group for an evening of packing food for Feed My Starving Children. I signed up to go, but due to a late January snowstorm we ended up cancelling the event. They rescheduled for this past Tuesday and I got to go with Jess, Luke, Liz, and Morgen.

At the beginning of the evening we listened to a short, but sobering, presentation about 8 year old Omar who weighed 19 lbs because he was starving. After a few months of FMSC food he is healthy and thriving.

Clear instructions were given before we hit the sinks to wash our hands. Don't forget your hairnet! A few were volunteered to be warehouse workers - I think they do the hardest job - to carry refills to the different stations. Each of the 11 people per station were given a job in one of the two assembly lines: adding the ingredients to a bag, holding the bag, weighing the bag, sealing the bag, and then putting 36 bags in each box.

We packed bags and boxes of food for 53 impoverished children for a year. I believe it was over 500 lbs.

You can see from the pictures it was fun, but we were tired at the end (especially since we did this right after work).

I hope I get the opportunity to do this again sometime. I'd love to see our Young Adults do this as an activity or just get a group together and go pack! 

What about you? Would love to hear about your efforts to feed the hungry. Please share in the comments!
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