Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{Conversations with Littles}

If you're a regular reader, you probably know that my oldest sister has three littles who I spend a lot of time with. Last night I headed over there after work to play "catch up on Favorite Aunt status" since I hadn't seen them in a week or so. The reason I hadn't seen them was because they had taken a trip to Grandma & Grandpa's. They also saw Aunt Anna while they were there - she's my biggest competition, you know! I don't carry a gun or drive a car with lights & sirens...

So I asked Ethan about his trip:
Me: Did you go to Grandma & Grandpa's?!
E: Yes.
Me: What did you do?
E: I hit Tarsten [Carsten].
Apparently my "what did you do?" voice was a little too serious! Or he just automatically answers "I hit Tarsten" when he hears that question. :)  :)
Me: Oh. You were naughty then?
E: Yeah, I hit Tarsten.
Me: So, did you have fun with Grandma & Grandpa?
E: [I think he started rambling about how he didn't hit Grandma & Grandpa, just Carsten, but it was not clear. Then he started talking about his pig and cow he was playing with.]
Morgen, Ethan and I started to watch the of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers while Carsten went with Jen & Eric to Carsten's kindergarten open house. After almost an hour or so Morgen asks, "When is this going to be over so we can play?!" I'm not sure if that's a reflection of her opinion of the movie or if she really would just rather have been playing. She did get some new/used toys that same day so I think they were more exciting than a musical.

During the movie Ethan decided he wanted to cuddle with me so as he was coming over I asked him if we needed a blanket. I think it came across more like, "Where's my blanket?" though because he said, "My blanket up in my bed. Your blanket at your house." Yeah, he went up and got his blanket and shared it with me.

Part of the new/used toy collection was American Girl doll horse cards. As Morgen and I started to look through them I said, "I wonder if they have an Appaloosa horse in here?" Sure enough, we found one! We talked about how Grandma used to ride Appaloosas and how the info on the back of the card listed the height of the horses by hands. Oh, and I forgot to bring home the card she kept insisting that I could have...oops!

When Carsten returned from the open house he was excited, I could tell. He had his cute-little-Carsten-grin on his face and he was eager to show off his coloring pages. He told me he started kindergarten in the morning...uh, no. His mom had to break the news that he didn't start until after the summer...bummer! He took it all in stride, but I think he was a little crushed...

What are some of your favorite conversations with Littles?! Do share!
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