Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday, Mom!

Here Are 60 Reasons Why I Love You, Mom:
  1. You’re my mom!
  2. You taught me the joy of cooking and baking.
  3. Your sewing skills are unmatched.
  4. You daily demonstrate your faithfulness in God through Bible reading.
  5. You’re a prayer warrior who gets results, i.e. pretty [pink] van.
  6. You’re beautiful inside and out.
  7. You’re a horse lover.
  8. You’ve got skinny legs and small lips.
  9. You encourage me in my strengths and challenge my weaknesses.
  10. You get me.
  11. You’re Dr. Mom.
  12. You’re practical.
  13. You keep a journal.
  14. You wrote us kids weekly letters for many, many weeks without one in return.
  15. You’ve got smarts - completed your associates degree after age 50!
  16. You’re faithful to your responsibilities.
  17. You’re thoughtful.
  18. You raised 5 kids without the help of nanny.
  19. You sacrificed much to put me through a Christian school.
  20. You do laundry more than the average person and passed that trait to me!
  21. You’re there for me whenever I need you.
  22. You were my taxi for 16+ years.
  23. Your wisdom has helped me with many decisions.
  24. You have great handwriting.
  25. You have a green thumb.
  26. You are determined.
  27. You love me.
  28. You give me a place to stay when no one else will.
  29. You have a nice reading voice.
  30. You make up words.
  31. You love to find/read recipes.
  32. You read lots of books.
  33. You say what needs to be said.
  34. You always stuck up for the teacher/authority.
  35. You are unchanging.
  36. You appreciate reading true stories.
  37. You like country living.
  38. You’re not ashamed to say “I don’t know.”
  39. You don’t like shopping.
  40. Your let us have a dog that you took care of.
  41. I have your Christmas tree.
  42. You think realistically.
  43. You take care of practically everyone.
  44. You have a pond.
  45. You are motivated.
  46. Deep down, I believe you are adventurous.
  47. You are honest.
  48. You like to laugh at your kids.
  49. You love a clean house.
  50. Your wants and needs are simplistic.
  51. You love Dad.
  52. You can cook for an entire church.
  53. You are patient.
  54. You’re a thrower not a keeper.
  55. You’re hospitable. When I was young you always let me have my friends over.
  56. You know where your scissors are.
  57. The stairs always have to be never know if someone will trip in the middle of the night.
  58. You pack everything-but-the-kitchen-sink for road trips.
  59. You listen.
  60. And you’re the best mom for me!!

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