Saturday, December 12, 2009


In 2008 I took Morgen to Disney on Ice Finding Nemo. (Eric, Jen, & Carsten went a long as well.) She may have been 3 1/2, but she still remembers it and still talks about the flashlight that I got her which is broken and long gone... Funny thing is that Carsten remembers it and he was only 2.

Well, Morgen asked recently (after viewing an ad on the side of a bus) if I would take her to see Disney on Ice Princess Classics. Of course, I said, "Yes!" ...what?? she asked very nicely!

So today Morgen & I ventured out for a late afternoon showing of Disney on Ice ~ Princess Classics at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. This is the day after she had the stomach flu, so we went with a little trepidation...we made it through the afternoon and got home before 7pm.

She fell asleep on the way there and back. It was worth it...just ask her! :o) I did ask her what her favorite part was and she said in her dreamy voice, "Ariel." I asked, "Why Ariel?" and she said, "Because I like wormmaids."

Now I have to plan a special day for Carsten. He told me tonight that he'd like to see "Lightning McQueen, but not on ice, on the road!" It was so cute when he made sure that I was going to still be there after he had his bath. He also told me that he was "very excited that [I] got to stay at their house for a whittle bit." I'm pretty sure he told me that twice! And while I'm on the subject of cute things Carsten says...tonight during prayer time he prayed, "Dear God...and in January, pray that I'll be big so I can be a big boy..." He'll be four in January. I guess that's when you become a big boy!

Yes, these two are my classics.
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