Monday, July 13, 2009

moving day = many blessings!

My most recent move was due to the fact that Jess got married.
We started the loading at 9:00am and thanks to everone's* efficient help, my stuff was moved in an hour and I was unpacked by 3:30pm!
Most of the unpacking was done by Liz Charpie and I, but if I remember right Jen and Lindsay unpacked half of my kitchen before they had to leave.
*Attempt to list everyone: Jen, Morgen, Heidi, Eric, Lindsay, Liz, Mr. Charpie, Cynthia, Ruth, Phil, Doug, Deb, did I miss anyone?!

Here are few pics from moving day:

And in case you're curious, here's a moving summary - 11 Addresses in 11 Years:

  1. May '09- - Virginia Ave N #1, New Hope -my own place, hopefully for a few years!

  2. Aug '07-June '09 - Condo, New Hope - Jess bought the Condo when I moved here so we could share the cost of living near the City of Lakes!

  3. June '07 - July '07 - Markgrafs, Hanover (A.K.A. Canada) - lived with Jen & Co. for 6 weeks when I first moved to Minneapolis.

  4. Jan '07 - June '07 - Western Ave, WTTN - lived in small one bedroom apt (1 of 4 apt in an old house). Creepy old guys lived in the other 3 apts...but it was my HOME for 6 months.

  5. Aug '06 - Jan '07 - Eighth St., WTTN - lived in 3rd floor apt of Spencer's huge mansion-house. Good times with Michelle, Dennis & Co. when I'd stop by the Kitchen on my way to do laundry in the basement :)

  6. Aug '03 - Aug '06 Lafayette St., WTTN - lived on the "guys side" of campus with Betsy & Linda; got to walk to work!

  7. May '02 - Aug' 03 - Cady St., WTTN, WI - lived with Sue, Lora, & a few cats for a little over a year when I found housing without cats...

  8. Jan ' 02 - April '02 - Burnsville, MN - lived with Anna while we worked temp jobs to support ourselves and finished a lease on an apt for Jen & Eric.

  9. Jun '01 - Jan '02 - McPherson, KS - lived with mom & dad until I "found myself" - haha! :)

  10. Jun '00 - Jun '01 - Imperial Apt 1, Barrigada, Guam USA - had apt by myself, but spent most of my time with Brenda & Cristin...they called me roommate too!

  11. July '98 - Jun '00 - Guahan Apt A1, Barrigada, Guam USA - had different roommate each year, Christa & Missy.
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