Friday, July 31, 2009

theJob clients appreciated

Last year my company held two client appreciation events: Lawn Bowling and our own version of the Antique Road Show. Boss1 also took many clients out for a round of golf at various times. This year instead of taking individual clients out for a round of golf which would have my bosses out golfing everyday of the summer!, we held a golf event at StoneRidge Golf Club. This event has a hefty price tag and since we're still recovering from the market's nosedive, we did a little extra prep-work and got 5 vendors/wholesalers to foot most of the bill.

This really was an easy event to coordinate. I'm going to vote we do this again! Especially since we had vendors pick up the tab. The vendors also gave us most of the golf-paraphernalia (tees, balls, shirts, jackets, duffel bags, etc.) to use for prizes!

Here are a few pics from the event and a little description of the pics:
61 clients & guests joined Boss1& Boss2 and Advisor1 on the greens of StoneRidge Golf Club for an enjoyable round of golf and delicious buffet luncheon. The storm clouds went around the course on the north and the south, but not a drop of rain fell! Everyone had a great time, especially those who won tickets to the PGA championship at Hazeltine! Many, many other prizes were handed out as well. Boss1& Boss2 and Advisor1 enjoyed talking with the clients and meeting their guests. All-in-all, a great day to golf!

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