Sunday, April 12, 2009

what are you tankbull-pore, bekah?

Recently I was visiting up in "canada" and was able to take part in the Markgraf's evening family devotion time. While this was my first time experience for me, it was soon clear that Morgen and Carsten knew the routine.

After a couple of Bible stories were read, Morgen went searching for the jar for everyone to draw a name out of. We were going to pray for the person whose name we had drawn after we each named someone or something thankful for.

Morgen, Carsten, Jen, and Eric all took their turns saying who or what they were thankful for. When it was my turn, Carsten looked at me without the slightest hesitation at all and asked me, "What are you tankbull-pore, Bekah? What are you tankbull-pore?" And because I was laughing through tears at the quick, but genuine question, he quickly asked two more times, "What are you tankbull-pore?! What are you tankbull-pore?!"

Because of his sincere quest, I replied in the only way I could, "I'm thankful for you, Carsten!" And before I could add to that, and from the other side of the couch, Morgen piped up, "What about me, Bekah?!" To which I also replied, "and you, too, Morgen!" (Ethan was already in bed sleeping so he couldn't ask why he was left out.)

Here's a few pics from a recent visit to Auntie Bek's:
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Not to leave little Bubba out, here's some pics of Ethan:
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