Sunday, July 6, 2008

i know a seamstress

My soon to be sister-in-law, Meg, was working hard this Fourth of July weekend on a few wedding projects. This should cause great excitement for my mom because she's finally going to have a daughter that likes to sew! One would think that one out of four would have caught the sewing bug from her, but alas, we have not. Sorry, mom!

We hung out this weekend at "Lindsay's Mansion"; hence the spacious dining room Meg adopted as her sewing room. While Meg was sewing I was reading 3 books and I think Lindsay was taking care of Eclipse, er something top secret, that I can't tell you about until later...stay tuned!

Meg posted more pics here, but I took these pictures before I knew she had blogged about it.

Note: the chairs were set up to keep the dog out :=)
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