Monday, May 20, 2013

{Lilacs in Bloom} Happy Birthday, Mo!

Happy 9th Birthday, Morgen!

How do we know it's your birthday?  
Because the lilacs are blooming!! 
What do I tell you every year?  
Stop getting big...but I can't stop!

Morgen Rae Markgraf was born on May 20, 2004 around 8 or 8:30 am. She made me an aunt for the first time. I still remember the day she was born: I worked a half day so I drove from Watertown straight to the hospital in Minneapolis, and I spent the next week helping out at the Markgraf house.

Back to that special day - for a good hour into my drive I was waiting for a call from Eric about her name. We knew she was a girl and that maybe her name would be Meg, but all other name possibilities were kept a secret. I eventually got the call and found out that they made up her name that day: Jen and Eric's little lamb was born in the morning - Morgen (German for morning) Rae (Hebrew for little lamb).

This little lamb changed my life. She knows this and eats it up. Morgen, or More-Jen as the sisterhood has named her, is the first to compliment your outfit, your jewelry, your shoes, or your hair. She's the queen of all shopping queens - out doing her own mother if given a chance.

I love you, Mo!!

Left 2005 - Morgen ~ Right 1976 - Auntie Bek 

2005 - Easter trip to Watertown

2006 - Strummin' with Aunt Anna in Indiana
2007 - Taggin' along with Dad
2008 - Fun at the Mall
2009 - This girl loves her Pedicures! (Click to Enlarge)

2010 - Snoovies!
2011 (Click to Enlarge)

2012 - Hawaiian Birthday Girl

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