Thursday, July 18, 2013

{A Year Ago} on Not the Last to Know

This day in {my} history, plus pictures that I may not have ever posted.



It's a hot and steamy day - so thankful for air conditioned home and work. I accidentally left the a/c on all day so when I got home it was nice and cool!! I might regret that later, but for now it's nice...ahhh...

Work was good today - Boxes is on vacation so I got some stuff done and was able to move some projects along. We've got two client events coming up in August and I've got some work to do in the next couple of weeks in regards to those events. I'll be glad when August is over but that means just a month and a half before we move!! We're ordering furniture next week after we visit the showroom and see some possibilities.


I-94  through Wisconsin

What did you do last year on this day?
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